Thursday, April 3, 2008

my house is my home.

i know i’ve promised to be a better shopper, but during a trip to target last week to buy a bath towel (yes, just one – last time i was visiting my parents, i left a third of my laundry, including every towel i own, at their house), i came across dwellstudio ’s gorgeous designs for the mega-brand (they always have the best guest designers, yes?). i know this line has already made the blog rounds, but i couldn’t resist sharing with you guys – check out the pictures above and below (i’ve already snapped up the tea towels.) you can find more at target or on dwell ’s web site. and ps: if you're wondering how today's home-themed posts relate to our week that's dedicated health and well-being, i ask you this: how does your home not relate to your personal health and well-being? i know that after i come home from a hard day at work or an especially grueling workout, or if i'm not feeling well, i immediately relax and feel better as soon as i step through my apartment door. and pretty things for our homes accentuate those feelings, i think. enjoy! [photo via]

[that's it for today; stay tuned for tomorrow's weekly recap.]

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