Thursday, April 3, 2008

house tour.

i came across these photos of this gorgeous cottage-style home in sarasota today and am in love with the way the owners (well, former owners -- it's for sale!) have decorated it. it's just so warm and cozy, from the white-and-black (with pops of color) foyer to the calm blue master bedroom to the cheerful green-accented kitchen, their style suits my aesthetic almost perfectly, and i wanted to share (if only i had $229,000...!). i hope you enjoy. [photos via]


  1. what a cute house! You are right, it is very you. I love the bedroom, I would totally buy that bedspread and the art on the left.

  2. i know, i love it all. i saw a picture of the guest room and it was lovely, too. i really enjoy the bright green chairs in the kitchen -- i wonder if i can sand down the stools that go with my table and paint them that color!