Monday, March 31, 2008

wired whisk bakehouse + cupcake lovin'

[just one of chef christine nordstrom's many cupcake varieties. you can pick up your own at the wired whisk bakehouse.]

my favorite dessert would have to be cupcakes. i just love them. they're so jaunty, sitting in their little wrappers with their colored icing. plus, they're individually sized, making consumption easy. i mean, come on, what could be better?

anyway, i make good cupcakes, if i do say so myself. i posted the recipe, a magnolia bakery classic, a few months back, and every time i bring the cupcakes to work or give them to people as gifts, they seem to really enjoy them. they're dense but light, rich but fluffy, and my only complaint is that they tend a tiny, tiny bit toward the dry side. when all's said and done, though, they're fabulous. i have cupcake pride, for sure, and so i'm always on the lookout for new, well-made cupcakes. (in fact, in another life, i'd really like to be a pastry chef. i adore baking.)

so you can imagine my happiness when, on tuesday, our office received a white bakery box full of these yummy confections from sarasota-based wired whisk bakehouse. chef christine nordstrom recently unveiled a new line of cupcake flavors and she wanted us to try them (again, i say, the perks of my job are wonderful). i was thrilled to snag a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing -- my favorite flavor -- and was even more delighted to discover that christine's 'cakes are amazing. they're moist and light, and the icing is sweet without being overpowering. a perfect combo.

i have a coupon (thanks again, lovely job), so i'm planning on going to pick up some more of christine's delicious cupcakes today. if you want to try them out for yourself, you can find the wired whisk bakehouse at 4141 s. tamiami trail, sarasota. trust me, it's worth the trip.

[coming up: our last post of the day, a delicious recipe for one of my favorite soups.]

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