Friday, March 21, 2008

weekly recap + some other things.

[i couldn’t resist posting another picture of karin eriksson’s beautiful pieces – this "signe" bowl is lovely, and browsing her items was one of the highlights of my week.]

what a busy week it’s been here in sarasota – an editorial brunch, multiple work projects in addition to the usual stuff, restaurant openings, a brand-new haircut (i lopped, like, six inches of hair off and it feels fantastic), dinners out and, tonight, a trip home to my parents’ house to see my mom’s side of the family, who has converged on winter park somewhat unexpectedly. needless to say, last night i came home, plopped on my couch, waited for lauren alane to update her etsy shop and zoned out (sadly, i didn’t get to purchase one of her wonderful little birds because they sold out too quickly, but i’m on a budget, so it’s ok – next time!). i’m really looking forward to a weekend of relaxation – i took monday off, so i don’t have to scramble to drive back to sarasota on easter sunday, which is wonderful.

anyway, here’s our weekly recap:

i have no idea what next week’s content is going to include; as i mentioned, work has been really busy so we might have fewer posts. i love blogging but my job comes first, of course. still, we’ll stick to our usual content unless i decide otherwise.

is there anything you guys would like to see, content-wise? comment and let me know.

[ps: since i'm going to be at my parents' house through monday, i'll put monday's posts up that evening or we'll sprinkle the recipe and other kitchen-related stuff throughout the rest of the week. happy weekend, everyone – and happy easter, too. xo.]

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