Thursday, March 13, 2008


like i’m sure most of you do, i have a “blog roll” – various sites i peruse on a daily basis. most of them are listed to the right and they’re all great; you should definitely check them out for little bursts of inspiration or if you just need a break from your daily routine (as i often do; bright colors and pretty things are kind of like coffee for my brain).

anyway, while thinking about style file subjects and clicking through my blog roll yesterday, i stumbled across a great web site on lauren alane that i thought would be a perfect complement to thursday’s fashion-y content: we love colors – a business dedicated exclusively to hosiery.

i should pause here and say that i love wearing tights; in fact, if it weren’t so hot in florida i’d wear them much more often. my black opaques from target are my favorite, but i also have a pair of maroon ones that i wear a lot, too – usually with a plain black dress and black shoes. i’ve often wished that i had other colors in my arsenal, though.

that’s where we love colors comes in. they have – count ‘em – over 45 different colors of opaque tights that range from neon yellow to tie-dye (in addition to the leggings and fishnets they also sell). it’s like tights heaven. prices range from $8-$16 per pair, depending on style and material. using this great online editing tool i found called polyvore, i created a set with some of my favorite pairs from we love colors. enjoy!

[coming up tomorrow: weekly recap and weekend forecast, plus my own favorite home items. see you then.]

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