Monday, March 10, 2008

the weekend + a few new things.

well, what a weekend it was! in addition to some really crazy weather -- we're talking wind and rain on friday night and then gusts of wind so strong that a fence next to my apartment blew down (onto my car! eek! thankfully, no dents or scratches) and the power went out on saturday -- plus the fact that we lost an hour of sleep, i definitely feel like i did a lot of fun things.

on friday, my friends k., s. and i headed over for dinner at a new tapas bar called ceviche. it's a chain, with locations in orlando and tampa, but the sarasota space is awesome, complete with rooftop bar overlooking the city. afterwards, we headed to esca for a mojito before turning in for the night. on saturday, some other friends and i had delicious mexican food at two senioritas and then bar-hopped on siesta key. in spite of the cold (we were all in jeans and coats), it was a great time. we danced the night away. siesta key is one of my favorite places to go out -- it's relaxed beach-cool and there's always fun people.

so that was the weekend, and now we can look forward to the week ahead! coming up later today is my super-simple, super-yummy recipe for black beans and rice...and (it's going to be a three post day, in the spirit of trying mini-posts! i worked on today's over the weekend, so we'll see how the rest of the week goes) a new column, "going green." i have a terrific kick-off post that i hope you all enjoy. (the column is eventually going to switch to tuesdays, but i'm so excited about this week's item that i wanted to share it immediately.)

and later this week, the usual "stuff i love today," a brand-new style file and a very special wednesday post. i hope you enjoy.

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