Friday, March 21, 2008

loving: hot-pink prada bag.

vogue magazine does a great little department every month called “last look.” on the very last page of the magazine, a beautiful luxury item is featured – a $2,500 shoe, for example, or a bejeweled handbag that costs several thousand dollars. it’s one of my favorite vogue departments – there’s not a lot of text, it’s mostly just a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous item.

i’d like to do something similar. every so often, we’ll do an “obsession” post about an item that’s covetable, beautiful and impeccably made. i may post these blogs on thursday, because the items will pair well with our style file content, but our first item is going to come today, because what’s better than looking at something pretty at the end of a long week?

with that being said, i present you with our first “obsession” item: this hot-pink prada handbag (perfect with an all-black outfit, no?). cost: $1,000-plus. fun factor: priceless. enjoy.


  1. And I thought spending $150 on my purse was a lot!

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