Tuesday, March 25, 2008

going green: recycled-glass night set.

[recycled-glass night set, $18, www.reformschoolrules.com]

i read the march and april issues of domino over the weekend and found so much inspiration in them. since my beloved blueprint isn’t being published anymore, i’ve decided to fill its space on my shelves with domino , which isn’t quite as budget-friendly (i am not able to afford a $2,500 table, sorry) but which is packed with a lot of great home and entertaining ideas. march, in particular, was all about green-ifying your life, offering 100 different ideas on how to make your home more eco-friendly, from organic cotton sheet sets to chemical-free cleaning supplies.

this recycled-glass night set from reform school caught my eye right away. there’s something so romantic and luxurious about having a carafe of water and a pretty glass cup by your nightstand – it makes me think of huge, regency-style beds, silk pajamas and millions of throw pillows. i’ve added this to my “must-buy” list, too. the best part? it’s made entirely of recycled glass. eco-friendly and pretty – what could be better?

ps: check out reform school’s fun web site and its other great products – julia rothman’s pretty milk bottles, which i discovered via design*sponge, are also a favorite of mine (although, sadly, they're out of stock).

[coming up tomorrow: “stuff i love today: wednesday edition” and maybe a little something extra. stay tuned.]

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