Friday, March 14, 2008

a few of my favorite things

as a follow-up to wednesday's post, i wanted to share a few of my own favorite household items. like bethany, i couldn’t pick just one favorite thing. there are so many details that i love about my apartment – the wood floors, the big windows that provide me with natural light for the majority of the day, my green microwave, my trio of hanging picture frames, my bookshelves, my antique desk, my couch (which has been in my family since i was a baby – it’s been recovered a few times, but it definitely has sentimental value). on the flip side, i don’t love my twin bed and i wish i had central a.c. instead of a wall unit, but if those two things are my only complaints, then i’m in pretty great shape.

anyway – here are three of my most favorite household items. descriptions follow each photo.

[this chair is the first piece of furniture i bought by myself, and i love the fabric so much. my apartment is full of blues and greens, and this piece is the inspiration for that – appropriate considering my proximity to the beach, i think. it’s from urban outfitters, which has great furniture, and it was a steal. i love it. oscar does, too.]

[this fan is from shanghai – my lovely friend shun brought it back for me when he was there in december. i love the color, the shape, the pattern and the little carvings – it’s so unique. i think i’m going to put it in a frame and hang it up, because i don’t want oscar to get his little paws
on it!]



[and finally, my “entryway.” the beautiful purple painting hangs on my right-hand wall and is a custom piece by mel, and the fabric board, which hangs on the left-hand wall, was a gift from bethany that i use for everything – mail, photos, postcards, fabric swatches, what have you. i love them. (also, please excuse the bland color of the walls -- i'm not allowed to paint.)]

so there you have it – a few of my favorite things.

[up next, our last post – the weekly recap.]

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