Monday, March 10, 2008

going green: starter kit for change.

ok, you guys – in the spirit of trying a couple of small posts instead of one long one, and our new green-themed column – i present you with starter kit for change.

on friday afternoon, i got a call from this delightfully bubbly woman named del, who lives in sarasota and runs starter kit for change with her partner, melanie, who is based in los angeles. in addition to running the company, both of the women are musicians – and del was so chipper on the phone that i immediately liked her and clicked over to her web site.

what i found was awesome: going-green kits for $40 that include eco-friendly lightbulbs, tree seedlings and gratitude cards, among other things; adorable tote bags for $20 that feature one of my favorite quotes (i’m going to buy one as soon as i can); and fair trade hot chocolate that comes in a cute little tin for $5. a portion of the proceeds from each kit go to action against hunger, and i think they would make great gifts.

[tell me these aren't the cutest go-green kits ever.]

del told me that she and melanie are featured in april’s glamour and body+soul magazine, and that she found my name while reading a little blurb i wrote about green door organics for work. the starter kits for change are adorable – and they’ve inspired me to try to be as green as i possibly can. what could be better than that?

also, i just wanted to update you all and let you know that i'm rearranging our weekly columns for what i hope will be the last time. the new schedule, for now, is:

monday: weekend recap, recipe and any other food-related items we might want;
tuesday: "stuff i love today" and "going green" (this will be mostly design-and-decor-themed);
wednesday: special posts and guest blogs;
thursday: style file and other fashion-related notes;
friday: weekly recap, weekend forecast and miscellaneous items that don't fit elsewhere.

also, please-please-please send suggestions about what you'd like to see by posting a comment.

now, tell me: what do you do to be green?

[today was a three-post day, so don't forget to scroll down for a super-simple recipe and a couple of miscellaneous thoughts!]

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  1. hi megs! i like your blog. lets see to go green, i cloth diaper my baby :D yay! its pretty easy, cuts down waaaaay less on all that diaper trash, and the dipes are so.cute!! i'm in love with it :D check out these:
    and these: