Friday, April 15, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

what a week that was.

the stomach flu i had two weeks ago (and, actually, a week prior to that in milder form) returned on wednesday to the point where i felt so bad i decided to go to the doctor (with my incredibly kind boss, who accompanied me because i have a huge fear of white coats, and also because i most likely couldn't have driven myself). turns out what i have is not the stomach flu; it's a really bad UTI coupled with, the doctor thinks, some kind of stomach-lining bacterial infection thing. i'm on antibiotics now and very glad i went to see someone. looks like, for the foreseeable future, i'll have to stay away from food "irritants"--caffeine, spicy stuff, alcohol, etc. ("all the good things," my doctor joked). i also decided to postpone my trip to orlando this weekend, because who wants to hang out with a sick person?

the doctor also mentioned that some of this could be stress related, and when he me asked if i had anxiety, i almost laughed. i don't have diagnosed anxiety, no, but i do tend to get very anxious and worked up about things, so it makes sense that that tendency, coupled with my propensity to down cups of strong coffee and the amount of change i've made to my life in the past six months, would contribute to what's going on physically.

anyway, i think it's all a sign that i need to spend this weekend resting, taking my meds and trying to get back to good health. so that's what i'll be doing. i'd also love to make it down to the farmer's market to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables, but we'll see. i'm just going to play it by ear. (or by stomach.)

what are you up to this weekend? i hope that, whatever it is, it's happy, healthy and springlike. see you back here on monday.

photo by nicole


  1. I am SO happy you went to see the doc! I feel so awful for you - what a bad situation you're in. I've had my fair share of UTI's (and other infections that just don't go away) so I really feel for you. Best of luck with the recovery process and staying away from the good stuff. Once you're healed, you should take cranberry tablets on a regular basis. They're like drinking straight cranberry juice (the bitter, hard to swallow kind) and help break up the bacteria that causes the infections. I take em and they do me good. I also take probiotics for the infections that stem from anti-biotics. Seriously helps. Okay that was a lot of tmi maybe! Feel better!

  2. I hope you'll take the weekend to rest up--you positively deserve it after the few weeks you've had! I'm a stress case most days too and sometimes the only thing which makes it better is a good ol-fashioned do-nothing weekend! no shame in that! take care of yourself, pretty lady! much love! xoxo {av}

  3. thank you so much for the sweet notes! and meagan, thanks so much for the cranberry tablets and probiotics recommendations...will be adding those into the health regimen!

  4. hope you do get a chance to rest up. stomach ailments are the worst. my husband and i have plans on finishing up (finally) a paint job around the house -- the living room to be exact. we've had painters tape up for longer than i'd care to admit!