Wednesday, April 27, 2011

scenes from sarasota: evening paddleboarding.

this is by no means a perfect photograph (in fact, it's terribly crooked and pretty dark), but i really love it all the same. i was taking my usual bridge walk the other evening -- it was one of those quiet, hazy spring nights that are so unique to florida at this time of year -- and happened to look over the railing at the top of the bridge, where i saw these two paddleboarders heading toward the sunset. there was nothing surrounding them except water, and it was such a beautiful scene that i couldn't help but snap a picture. i don't know why this speaks to me so much, but it does -- maybe it's the metaphorical undercurrent of making your way towards something bigger, or of re-realizing your smallness in the face of nature (in this case, of course, the ocean), which is something i think we all need to come back to from time to time.

i hope you all are having great wednesdays.