Monday, April 25, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

i kind of liked the format last monday's "committing to..." post took, so i'm going to copy myself and do it again (ha!). here are five lovely things from this past weekend...

1. sunshine and 80-plus-degree weather.
2. kate's birthday -- a super-fun bash on the bay with some of my very favorite people. (have i mentioned i love a good birthday party?)
3. homemade coconut cupcakes (more on this later).
4. wine. yes. yay.
5. feeling really, truly well for the first time in a month (and getting the official a-ok by the doctor). super yay.

...and five commitments for this week:

1. plan out my meals.
2. finally get back into my exercise routine. pilates, here i come.
3. stay off the coffee, but figure out a good tea alternative -- i still need something other than water to get me going. anyone have any good, easy (i'm a slowpoke in the morning) homemade chai/spiced tea recipes?
4. call some friends/family members that i haven't talked to in awhile.
5. choose happiness.

and you? how were your weekends, and what are your goals/plans for the week?

photo by haley s.


  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! I'm jealous of your nice weather, it hasn't been nice here in weeks now. So sad! Glad you're feeling better! I'm still having some struggles but it's not anything that's stopping me from living life so that's good. This week I want to exercise and enjoy it! That's my main goal I guess..

  2. Great list again, Megan. I like remembering last week's blessings too. My goals are to stick with my exercise and to stay healthy this week. I hope yours is very happy!

  3. pretty cupcakes. yum. kudos to getting into exercise. right now our routine is totally lame -- play videogames while riding the stationary bike, ha.