Monday, April 11, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

i felt like i had kind of a strange weekend -- at least internally. 

don't get me wrong, i had a really nice few days off, and saturday and sunday actually felt long. i got in some good friend-time (and friend-talk-time), i gave myself a pedicure, baked my cake (more on that on thursday), got all of my errands done,  figured out the next steps in my financial plan and started reading a new book.

but remember how, last week, i said i took a trip down memory lane, and that i felt like it was the catharsis for forward momentum? well, i still feel like that -- but i also feel a little confused, identity-wise, after reading through all those journal entries and flipping through photos and reliving both really happy and really sad moments. it's that whole where-did-you-come-from-where-are-you-going question, and i guess i sometimes wonder if i'm still trying to figure out who, exactly, i am. which at times feels perfectly natural and at times makes me feel pretty  behind the curve if, at almost 28 years old, i'm still asking.

and to be clear, i know i'm a good person and that i have a great little life. (i also realize that some of these feelings could be hormone-induced. sorry.) it's more like i'm still wondering what i want to be when i grow up, except that "be" encompasses more these days (interestingly, career is not a question anymore. that's one thing i'm sure of).

so obviously that's what's on my mind as i think about my commitments this week, which are:

+ continue with the health goals. happy to report that everything has gone great so far; i just need to up the exercise a bit more. and now that i feel completely back to normal, i will.

+ write some words for amie's and my writing project.

+  catch a sunset over the gulf.

+ do something that scares me. (disclaimer: this will most likely be something small, but i think it would be good for me.)

and you? tell me, and i'll see you back here tomorrow.

p.s. have you been to the cover song archive yet? kate linked to this video of five-year-old rowan recently, and it's the sweetest thing i've seen in a long time. that little girl is mature beyond her years.

photo by teresa q


  1. I read a good piece of advice last night from Tim Gunn: you have to keep eliminating things that you aren't and then see what's left over. Sounds like spring cleaning for the soul. Something I need to do.

  2. tsumicat, i LOVE that. love love. thank you. xo

  3. AH! That little girl is INSANELY adorable. Thank you for linking her little song. It just made my day.

    Also, I hear ya. I really wish you lived around here...I'd say let's go get coffee and talk about life and who we want to be. xoxo

  4. aw, stephanie, i feel the same way! i wish we could do that, too!