Monday, April 4, 2011

the weekend + committing to... + a new project!

happy monday! how were your weekends? did you do/see/eat anything new and exciting?

my weekend was exceptionally quiet -- i got some errands done and spent some time with my friends, but i also spent a lot of time at home reading, watching movies and relaxing/recovering, just like i wanted to. i've really been enjoying staying in lately -- i mean, i accept invitations to go out, but i'm feeling more at home in my apartment lately and am liking the quiet time i spend here.

that said, i did get to spend some time on the beach yesterday morning for a friend's 30th birthday lunch party, and it was perfect -- a cloudless, blue 80-degree day with zero humidity and abundant sunshine. so yes, a quiet weekend, but a good one.

i've also got some exciting news today: my friend amie and i are collaborating on a new writing project. called little life changes, it basically revolves around ame and me posting our own variations on a theme each month (be it mental health, relationships, food, balance, etc.) and sharing our thoughts and experiences on that theme with you -- i'm thinking of it as kind of an expanded version of my "committing to..." series. ame and i have known each other since we were 15 years old; she's a great writer and an even better person, and i'm so excited to work on this with her. you can read more here, if you'd like, and we'll have more posts up later this week.

whew! a lot so far, i know, so i'll wrap up with my commitments for the week:

+ think more about my relationship with the food i'm eating. (mammoth post on this coming tomorrow.)
+ catch up on everything i got behind on last week -- both at work and around the house.
+ take a bag of clothes to goodwill.
+ smile more. (i'm a really happy person, but sometimes i feel like i look so serious when i walk down the street. going to try to lighten up a little.)
+ spend time in the sunshine.

and you? tell me yours, and i'll see you back here tomorrow!

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  1. I'm so excited for you and your new project! I love that idea.

    This week I'm focusing on making better, healthier choices. It's tough to do sometimes, but I suddenly realized that when I do make better choices, I feel so much better. And not just physically, but mentally as well. So that's what I'm all about this week (and for the next few weeks.) xoxo

  2. :) sounds like a fun new project :)

    Hopefully this week I will learn how to screen print! excited for that.

  3. I will look forward to your new project... I noticed you posted a comment from a new and different place the other day, and I was very curious! The smile more commitment sounds like me... my mother used to tell me I came into this world with a furrowed brow... it's just more natural for me I guess! I have to work at the calm happy face - and it makes a difference in how I feel! Great post, Megan!

  4. Congratulations on your new writing project - sounds like fun! :)


  5. thank you for the sweet comments, everyone! xo