Friday, July 22, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends! how have your weeks been?

mine was quite busy, and it looks like that busy-ness will be continuing into the weekend: i have dinner plans after work tonight and then a birthday party that's taking me out of town tomorrow. the party has a lemon theme (which i think is so funny and whimsical), so i'm whipping up a batch of lemon squares to take with me and will be wearing a bright yellow blouse. i'm also hoping limoncello will be involved, but even if it isn't, it will still be a good time.

what are your plans for the weekend? tell me, and i'll see you back here monday, hopefully with some new photos from the weekend!

speaking of lemons, love these new lemon recipe cards from my favorite, rifle paper co.

1 comment:

  1. mm lemon squares sound divine. and i too love rifle paper co. this weekend, i will be enjoying lots of qt with a dear cousin who is coming down for the weekend. lots of crafts and good food to be sure.