Friday, July 8, 2011

what are you doing this weekend? + savannah love

happy friday, friends -- how were your weeks? (completely fantastic, i hope.)

as you can no doubt tell, i abandoned my blog for a few days so i could take a road trip to savannah with my mom. i'm prepping a "scenes from savannah" post and mini-travelogue for next week -- i have to edit my photos first -- but for now i'll just say that i am 100 percent smitten with this sweet southern city. here's a little list of things it gave me:

+ the best meal i've had in recent memory (at the olde pink house)
+ the best ice cream i think i've had, like, ever (lemon custard at leopold's)
+ a ridiculously good cupcake from mabel francis potter's cupcake emporium that rivals my beloved bluebird bake shop's (and that is no small feat)
+ the urge to heavily incorporate the word "y'all" into my vocabulary
+ a refresher course in southern history thanks to some great historic home tours and visits to a bunch of local museums
+ even more inspiration to wear fabulous printed scarves with tanks and jersey dresses and t-shirts, even when it's hot out. (thank you, scad students and fashionable locals.)
+ a nice reminder of how enjoyable a truly walkable city is -- and savannah, at least the historic district, is just that

again, more to come on monday, when it's back to work for me (and most other people i know -- seems like everyone was off this week). what are your plans for the weekend? tell me, and i'll see you back here in just a few days!

photo by walkinghead


  1. I grew up in Wilmington, NC, and I continue to regret not making a visit to Charleston and Savannah while I lived down there. They look like really beautiful cities. Glad you had a good trip!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I can't wait to see photos. I'm looking forward to a really good weekend and my couple of days off. We're going to a small town about 50 miles east of Portland to visit a couple of breweries on Sunday and Saturday we're getting our new couch! Yahoo!

    Enjoy your weekend!! xoxo

  3. ooooh. i am looking forwards to seeing that phototour. x