Monday, July 18, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, friends! how were your weekends? how are your days going so far?

the last few days have been a total blast here in sarasota -- in fact, as per usual, here are five fun things from the weekend (actually from thursday night on):

+ gin and jazz at the ritz-carlton, sarasota, with new friends on thursday
+ happy hour with my best sarasota friends on friday night (note: you cannot beat $2.50 wine specials and laughter)
+ hanging out in my friend t.'s pool and eating homemade pizza on saturday afternoon
+ kayaking/paddleboarding on sarasota bay on saturday evening (yes, when i tried to stand up on the paddleboard -- it was my first time doing it -- i plunged headfirst into the bay. looking forward to pro lessons next week. but it was so fun).
+ a relaxing sunday that involved more time in pajamas than out of them.

and on the commitment agenda for this week:

+ gym time!
+ meal planning. i'm thinking a big pot of curry, a big pot of split pea soup and a big batch of egg salad sound pretty good.
+ catch a sunset by the gulf. it's been awhile since i've done that. (and i'll take pictures, to boot!)
+ work some more on personal writing projects. i dropped the ball on that a bit in the last few months.
+ believe in my own self worth. a reminder i still need from time to time.

and you?

photos above from my trip to savannah. that saxophonist played the most beautiful music outside the olde pink house restaurant every day.


  1. You always inspire me to really head into my week with a fresh outlook. (I tend to be reflective towards the end about what I haven't done!) Yoga is big on my list for this week and carrying self-awareness into every meal-time too.

  2. I agree with Jane. Your Monday posts always inspire me. It's been rainy and gross around here for the last few days and it's making me feel really blah about goals and such. Thanks for the little boost!! xoxo

  3. gin + jazz at the ritz? That sounds amazing!

  4. I love reading your blog, reminds me how much I love Sarasota.