Wednesday, July 27, 2011

loving: rosegolden

this past sunday, i tweeted that i woke up thinking about creating a gallery wall somewhere in my apartment, which struck me as a fairly random but also as rather a lovely way to start the day. this week, i've continued to think more about the art (or lack thereof) in my home, and in particular my bedroom, which was repainted several months ago but which is still embarrassingly bare.

so i was delighted to discover that one of my favorite bloggers, anabela, in collaboration with erin, has created rosegolden, a shop selling beautiful, blown-up pictures of flowers that also feature a bit of gold-leaf detailing. (in fact, the shop's "about" section says that it's anabela and erin's way of "bringing together [their] love of flowers and shiny things.")

i can get behind that. and i can get behind hanging one of these in my home, too. how about you?

images via rosegolden

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