Friday, July 1, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends -- and for those of you in the u.s., happy fourth of july weekend! for me today starts not only a holiday weekend, but a company-wide week off. needless to say, i'm super excited, especially because the second half of next week means a little road trip and, um, i haven't been on an actual vacation in like two years. more to come on where i'm going and what i'll be doing in a few days.

meanwhile, this weekend i plan on keeping on with the cleaning/organization i've been doing, helping the felines continue to adjust to each other and getting some much-needed sleep (i didn't get a whole lot this past week, for some reason). there's also fireworks to be watched, sand to dig my toes into, and friends to spend time with; plus, i need to come up with a list of things i want to do over the first couple of days of next week (namely: eyebrow wax and mani/pedi). a little exercise would be good, too.

what are your plans for the weekend? are you barbecuing? watching fireworks? shopping? spending time with friends and family? just enjoying the first weekend of july? tell me what you'll be up to -- and whatever it is, i hope it's one hundred percent summery and joyful.

photo by andy newson


  1. Grilling out, hanging with friends, and celebrating my little one's 2nd birthday! Joyful and summery to be sure. Have a great week!

  2. We're brewing this weekend. And I'm going to tackle some more cheese making. And I'm going to work on my pay it forward gifts! :) I hope you have a great weekend, Megan!! xoxo

  3. i am off on a chocolate making course with the boys mum. its a very random thing to be doing with my weekend i know, but i am really looking forwards to it.
    have an amazing 4th of july. enjoy. x

  4. Just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Going to start planning my own happiness project.

  5. Hi Megan. We're looking forward to Eddie's return tomorrow after a week with his grandparents. We've had a fantastic week with lots of outdoor time. Hopefully that continues through the holiday! Have a GREAT week off! Well-deserved I'm sure!