Monday, July 4, 2011

the weekend + committing to... + happy fourth of july!

happy fourth of july to all my u.s. readers--and happy monday to everyone outside the states! how were your weekends? i hope they were delightful (and, for most of you, that they're continuing today).

and my weekend? it was pretty great. here're five lovely things that happened:

+ a quiet friday night in.
+ sushi with friends on saturday, followed by board games late into the night. (you guys, pass the pigs is amazing.)
+ fantastic brunch with mom, aunt and cousins, followed by a full day on the ringling museum campus, capped off with a seafood dinner at owen's fish camp, one of my favorite restaurants in town.
+ a couple of storms, complete with heavy rain, flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. love 'em.
+ some new-found assertiveness.  hooray, me!

and five commitments for the week:

+ continue to focus on health. make smart choices, especially since i'll be eating out quite a bit this week.
+ make the most of my week off -- be productive, but relax, too.
+ help my mom enjoy our little trip north as much as possible. she's been so stressed lately; i want to make sure she has the best time.
+ keep up the aforementioned new-found assertiveness.
+ be open to possibilities of all kinds. i have a sneaking suspicion that there are a lot of them out there right now.

tonight i'm going to the beach to watch fireworks explode over the ocean and i couldn't be happier. how about you -- what are your plans for the fourth? and what are your goals for the week?

see you back here tomorrow!

love this photo by eleanor hardwick so much. isn't it lovely?

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