Monday, August 30, 2010

a new week + committing to...

happy monday, everyone! it's a new week -- one that's going to culminate in a long weekend for me, which i'm so excited about. but i think it will be a good monday-through-friday, too: there'll be lots of work, a catch-up lunch with one of my favorite people; exercise; the first day of september; and, with that, hopefully, the first hint of fall in the air. i'm looking forward to all of it.

so, that being said, here are the little commitments i'm making for the next seven days:

+ continuing the little routine i got into last week of waking up a few minutes earlier every work morning to get myself in the right frame of mind for the day. it's amazing the difference giving yourself time to digest your cereal, sip your coffee (instead of chug it), and get dressed in peace makes.

+ going to a new fitness class. i really miss spinning; i either need to find a new class or find something to replace it. i'll report back.

+ trying to live like this. i think about it a lot, but i never really do it. so, herewith, i'm promising to (try hard to) hold myself to higher standards; to not compromise; to not be petty; to not stoop. wouldn't it be nice to be described that way by others?

+ cooking a new recipe (this is an every-week commitment). i think this one -- from my favorite new food network show, aarti party (seriously, how cute is the tagline "eat. giggle. repeat"?) -- might just hit the spot. p.s. speaking of aarti, read her blog and watching her youtube videos here -- i much prefer them to the food network version.

tell me what your goals for the week are, and i'll see you back here tomorrow. xoxo

i love this photo by flying house studios. it just feels so hopeful.


  1. I am not even a pink person, but that picture makes me happy. :-)

  2. Beautiful post and thoughts for the week. I'm trying to switch my late-night routine to an early morning one! It sounds like such a simple flip, but I anticipate small waves of agony!

  3. It's crazy how nice it is to not have to rush in the morning...I totally agree with you. This week I am planning on continuing to work on my grouchy attitude. I'm headed out on a road trip in a couple of days and I want to be HAPPY for it. :)

  4. I miss early morning turtle patrol walks on Siesta Key