Saturday, August 21, 2010

what are you doing this weekend? + some thoughts on balance.

oh, man, you guys. this week has been one of the longest ever and i am so happy it's the weekend. everything is fine, just busy -- long hours turn into late dinners turn into late bedtimes turn into still-early wakeups. you know how it is, i'm sure. so this weekend, i'm looking forward to regaining a little balance -- spending time by the water, hanging out with my friends, reading, unplugging.

unplugging. such a simple word, such a hard task to accomplish. lately, i feel like i haven't unplugged much at all (can you tell? hello, empty promise to post more and comment more this week. yikes). my sense of balance is totally off and there's not been much time to indulge in those moments of pleasure that i love so much -- noticing a cooler-than-usual breeze in the air; appreciating the eskimo kisses that oscar-cat gives me every night when i come from work; jogging the bridge at night; blogging.

i saw eat, pray, love last weekend and i really enjoyed it. similarly, i really enjoyed the book, in spite of some major existential issues i have with it. but the theme that kept coming back to me, over and over, was one of balance. i need to make more of an effort to find it in my life right now.

so, this weekend: unplug. and then next week: work on the balance. i think i've found my "committing to...," don't you?

p.s. what are you up to this weekend? are you feeling fall in the air yet? are you laying low, like me, or partying like a rockstar? please share, and i'll see you back here bright and early and (hopefully!) refreshed on monday. xoxoxo

love this photo by bawkbawk (love that flickr handle even more).

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