Tuesday, August 17, 2010

rosie the riveting.

one of my favorite things in the whole world is happening across little gems in unexpected places. though i've lived in sarasota for almost four (oh my gosh!) years now, i still find little surprises all the time -- whether in a great meal somewhere new, or a little shop in a part of town i might not normally visit.

on saturday, my b.f.f. k. and i were doing our usual saturday coffee-and-errands run, and we decided to stop in downtown bradenton on the way to the outlet mall (we both wanted to see if there was anything good at j.crew). that's where k. introduced me to retro rosie & cobwebs unique finds. a vintage shop that's curated like an anthropologie store, retro rosie & cobwebs is incredibly well-edited and filled with fantastic clothes and housewares. (i found just the kind of mirror i've been hunting for for my bathroom; it's now happily displaying my perfume bottles.) you can bet i'll be heading back to this place whenever i need something unique -- and, best of all, affordable -- for my home.

p.s. i'm especially smitten with that pouf of petticoats -- they make me happy. 

photos by me