Wednesday, August 4, 2010

into the mystic.

it's been unbearably hot and humid here in florida recently--a situation that, yes, after 26 years and 361 days as a resident of this state i should be used to by now. still, stepping outside at 8 a.m. and gasping at the heat, and then feeling your hair start to curl in the humidity, is never pleasant. (although, in florida's defense, i love its beaches, i love sarasota, and the time in between november and may makes all of this worthwhile.)

anyway, i usually venture northward for at least a couple of days in the summer and get a respite from the heat, but this year i won't get to do that (sadness). so i was thrilled when i came across virginia's beautiful, calming "mist" set on flickr. the photos are like a breath of fresh air--i can almost feel myself stepping into the mist, wrapped in a sweater on a particularly cool morning. since i can't escape the florida heat right now, i'll happily escape into photos like these, instead.

all photos by virginia.


  1. Great photos! We are getting a little mist around here in Portland today and I'm really kind of happy about it. I don't envy all that humidity you have there in Florida, but I am a little jealous of those beaches! :) xo