Wednesday, August 11, 2010


every so often, when i'm driving around sarasota, i see a large, hawaiian-themed truck sporting a big plastic sculpture of a sno cone sticking out of the back (yes, i'm serious). it's one of those random sarasota sights; one that i notice and giggle at but often don't think twice about until i see it again.

well, it turns out that the hawaiian truck is called the hukilau hut, and the people who own the hukilau hut have just opened their very first storefront here in town. they sell a variety of hawaiian-themed food -- sandwiches, soups, exotic ice cream flavors -- but, best of all, they sell shaved ice. and you guys, it's amazing. i tried it for the first time today and i'm fairly certain i'll be back again tomorrow. look how cheerful that is -- the perfect treat for a hot summer day.

best of all? the hukilau hut CATERS. and even better than that, they become bartenders at grown-up parties. spiked sno cones -- suddenly, getting older doesn't sound so bad.

photo by me.

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