Friday, June 19, 2009


my dear, dear friend s. took these wonderful photos of our alma mater and i couldn't help but share them with you. aren't they beautiful? i especially love the light in the first and third--it makes me feel so nostalgic and brings me back to a time in my life when, for a little while, everything was just perfect.



  1. those pictures are so beautiful! i love the first one especially. the architecture and landscape was one of my favorite things about stetson.

  2. my dad went to stetson! he was a pi kap and a total stud back in college... the pictures are nothing short of hilarious.

  3. Those pictures are giving me a tangible feeling in my stomach.

    The third one reminds me of walking back from the bars slightly intoxicated, LOL, though that would have been at night and facing the other direction... but still

  4. kim--wow, that is so funny! what a small world. :) yay for stetson!

    mel and tiff: i know, i miss stetson--and you guys--SO MUCH.