Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and in my opinionation...(or: bueller? bueller?)

so, when i was in high school, i would come home from school and watch reruns of the hit early-90s tv show blossom as often as possible. i loved joey lawrence, i loved blossom's boyfriend vinnie (played by the super-cute david lascher, who i previously loved on nickelodeon's hey, dude), but most of all, i loved the fact that blossom was neither drop-dead gorgeous nor an unbelievable character. i mean, i felt like i could be friends with her. and there's something reassuring about that when you're in the midst of your own high school drama--even though the show was fictional, it was realistic enough to be comforting.

anyway, you can imagine my joy when i discovered that seasons 1 and 2 are now available on dvd. and yes, i netflixed them. i was also happy to see mayim bialik on what not to wear last friday--it's like a blossom resurgence!

did you watch blossom? did you love it like i did (and still do, apparently)? what was your favorite show when you were younger?

p.s. in other pop-cult news, cameron's amazing house from ferris bueller's day off is for sale. if only i had $2.3 million...!

{ house photos via joanna }


  1. I loves blossom! :) And Angela was another show I liked, for the same reason as blossom, in was real, and I related to it.

  2. Guess the english title for the show angela was "my so called life". Did u see it? :)

  3. I posted about Ferris today! I guess it's all over blog world :) Sometimes I feel so out of it...

  4. blossom and my so called life rocked my life! thanks so much for this wee trip down nostalgia lane! xxx

  5. i'm so glad you guys loved blossom as much as i did! and yes, my so-called life was fabulous, too. xoxo!

  6. Now I'm singing that dang Blossom theme tune! So catchy!