Thursday, June 18, 2009

all a-twitter.

so, as i mentioned yesterday, twitter has become my newest online obession. it's super addicting, it allows me that voyeuristic peek into other peoples' lives that i so enjoy and it's allowed me to get to know some of you all a little better (hi, guys!).

anyway, for some reason i started wondering what the twitter offices looked like, so i did a little googling and came across these great photos. can i just say that i would love to work for twitter if it meant going to this office every day? (hear that, twitter hq? any need for a writer, editor or marketing gal? ha!) the rooms are so airy and open, and as someone who works in a creative field, the photos make it seem like the space exudes an air of creativity--i feel like it would be easy to toss around and discuss BIG IDEAS in a place like that. plus, i love those eames rockers.

how do your office environments affect your work--mentally and physically? do you love your office? share!

{ images by iluvpepero. click on the link to check out the full set on flickr. }


  1. i have a windowless office that pales in comparison to the great space that twitter has... i wish i had an eames rocker in here. :(

  2. I would love to have an office like modern and clean!!

  3. My office is way too small and overly cluttered. BUT there is a window, so that's the bright side? :)

    Also, I wanted to share this link with you. Since I know of your love for balloons: