Thursday, June 25, 2009

heaven--i'm in heaven...

full disclosure: one of my dreams in life is to own a little coffee shop/bookstore by the beach. i'd like nothing more than to bake pastries, write my daily specials on chalkboards, serve coffee and tea and talk about books with customers (who i'd know on a first-name basis, of course).

so when i came across these photos of heaven, a cafe located in bovina, new york, i totally swooned. heaven reminds me a lot of zummo's cafe, a sweet little coffee shop that i like to frequent when i'm visiting family in pennsylvania, and it's totally the kind of shop i'd like to own one day. seriously, how cute is this place?

{ via the beautiful blog all the mountains }


  1. hey there, future dream twin.
    i love the look of the idea of the bakery. the long buffet she uses as a counter has a very homey feel to it. between that and the lighhting, it's very inviting.

  2. I want to go there after going to there website. They look like such a lovey couple.