Monday, June 22, 2009

32 flavors and then some.

speaking of summery, ice cream is right at the top of that "quintessential summer things" list, too, so i was so happy to read about the new lola's ice cream & sundaes book on 101 cookbooks the other day. british chef morfudd richards (what a great name) runs her ice cream shop, lola's on ice, out of an overhauled mr. frosty (above), and the recipes in the book include things like apple and cinnamon sorbet, gin and tonic (!) sorbet with candied limes and winter fruit ice cream. the book is gorgeous--one that will not only have every other page dog-eared for its recipes, but also will look perfect on a bookshelf. you can read more about it here and order a copy of your very own from amazon on june 29, when it's released. (and you better believe i will be doing just that, as well as purchasing an ice-cream maker attachment for my stand mixer this summer.) i'm so glad heidi posted about this lovely book.

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  1. i love the images heidi posted on her blog about it. i've been considering pre-ordering the book since i saw it on her site last week. also, why does it have to be all the way in england? we need a lola's in florida!