Monday, June 15, 2009

hot child in the city.

you guys, i don't mean to complain, but here in southwest florida it's been almost unbearably hot lately. i'm talking "run from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car if you have to go outside because otherwise you'll break a sweat immediately" kinda hot. and maybe it's because i'm just not used to it yet (i was born and raised in florida and the summer heat always kind of sneaks up on me, even now), but man, it's warm. needless to say, i've been chugging water like you wouldn't believe, wearing the minimum amount of clothing possible and daydreaming about having a pool of my own to jump into whenever i want.

anyway, on a less whiny note, when i saw this pretty dress on the anthropologie website i couldn't help but think that it's perfect for white-hot summer days that eventually turn into sultry summer nights. wouldn't it be cute with a pair of strappy gold flat sandals? i think it would, indeed.

what's your beat-the-heat strategy? please share!


  1. My roommate has this very dress. I swoon over it constantly.

    And my solution to the Georgia heat: Staying inside as much as possible. It's the only way. :/

  2. i love that dress and want it now!

    also, i don't have a strategy. i made the mistake of trying to sit outside for lunch today. between the wasps trying to sting me to death and the blazing sun, i think i've learned my lesson: don't go outside ever between mid june and the end of august.

  3. My strategy was to move to the Colorado mountains! I've barely worn short sleeves here so far this Summer. Man, has it been cold so far this June. Beautiful dress!

  4. liza--i have friends in the denver area and i have to say, last time i visited the weather was perfection! i think you're on to something. ;)