Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the f.a.n. club.

a few weeks ago, my dad went up to scranton, pennsylvania to clean out my grandparents' house (more on that house, which is so important to me, another time). my grandmother, who is 88, lives in an assisted living facility, and my grandfather passed away last april, so the house had been sitting there, waiting to be gone through, for months--sad, i know. my dad came back to florida with a bunch of things: a piece of furniture for my brother; a bunch of my grandfather's world war II mementos, including his medals (he was a brigadier general); some dishes and other housewares for my mom and me; and a box of photos, which is where i found this picture of my grandmother and her friends.

sometime in the late 1930s, which i think is when this picture was taken, nana, my great aunt alice and eight of their girlfriends formed a group they called the "f.a.n. club." these 10 girls did everything together; you can tell how close they were by looking at this picture, which i love. my aunt alice is seated second from left, and my grandmother is seated third from right, next to the girl with the bow in her hair. the photo was taken at the lake one summer; the girls would save all year to rent a cottage for a week (a week only cost $30!) and one of their mothers would go chaperone and cook for them.

it makes me so happy to see how happy my grandmother looks. wasn't she beautiful?



  1. She was beautiful and I'm pretty sure she still is ;) And so are you! Actually, I think you look a lot like your aunt alice!

  2. shun said the exact same thing! weird. i love my aunt alice, too. :)

  3. SO beautiful! I really love this picture. It's timeless in some ways -- not the hairstyles or the clothes, but the body language and the smiles. You can really tell what good friends they were!