Thursday, June 4, 2009

head, shoulders, knees and toes...

today i decided to give myself a treat and got a manicure and pedicure with my friend t. at 2 p.m.! it was glorious--my toenails are now raspberry-pink and my fingernails are a super-light color that's officially called "hopelessly in love" but that i'm referring to as "wedding pink." i don't usually do manis or pedis, but summer is here, flipflops abound and, really, i just thought, why not?

what little indulgence have you given yourself lately? xoxo!

{ pretty photo by wirri }


  1. i totally got a pedi last week with my friend! it was only my second one *ever*, but it felt like such a nice little treat! :)

    yaaayyy, summer. (for those of us to the south, that is. northerners are still wondering where the warm weather is right now.)

  2. Good for you. I need to do that too. My toes could really use some color. I like your little pic of the green and pink shaved ice. Gorgeous colors together.