Thursday, July 3, 2008

the roundhouse.

this post seems appropriate on the heels of yesterday’s “why i love sarasota post,” especially since one of the things that i didn’t put on my list is architecture. sure, sarasota boasts more than its fair share of $6 million-plus waterfront med-rev monstrosities (to each their own, i say, but the med-rev look isn’t my style), but it’s also home to some incredibly significant modernist buildings, many built by paul rudolph, whose sarasota school of architecture style is well-known. (click here for an interesting article on his iconic riverview high school, which is going to be demolished at the end of the 2008-09 school year. so sad.)

anyway, the point is that there are many architecturally notable buildings in sarasota, and i can’t think of a house more special than the one i stumbled across yesterday. built in 1960 as an art school and studio, the current owners purchased it in 2005 and turned it into a mid-century mecca. i think you’ll like the results; i am a fan of all things green, a sucker for a spiral staircase and a lover of lush landscaping, all of which this house has. the only thing i could do without is the carpeting/rug in the living room, but again, to each their own. oh, and i should mention that the house is currently for sale again (for $699,000)! maybe someday i’ll get to see the rest of the inside; for now, here’s a little peek to whet your whistle. enjoy!

{ tell me this isn't an amazing house. one day, oh, one day i will see the inside. love that landscaping. }

{ can't go wrong with a green, brown and white color palette -- one of my faves, for sure. }

{ the pool looks so private -- the perfect place for a relaxing dip. }

p.s. i'm off on vacation tomorrow, so no post, but i'll be updating sporadically with a daily and another home tour, plus probably a little something extra. if you're looking for good reads, check out the lil bee, cup of jo or the sartorialist. plus, you know, every other link on my blogroll is fabulous, too. yay!

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  1. What a cool house! I am with you on the to-each-their-own part, as I'd definitely decorate a bit differently, but the structure is exquisite. And I love how it's all lit up from the outside.

    Can't you take an innocent lil house tour? I mean, you MIGHT be in the market for such an abode, no?!