Thursday, July 31, 2008

loving: little { white } dress from sublet.

fact: i wear a fair amount of black.

fact no. 2: a fluffy white cat lives with me. see below.

you can see where this is going, right?

this morning, for example, i threw on a black tunic, jeans, a ruffly, cropped, pink cardigan and my favorite mint-green wedges. i decided to eat lunch at my apartment, and the second i got home, the cardigan and shoes came off and the cat hair came on – all over my black tunic. needles to say, my lint roller and i got intimately acquainted before i headed back to work. sigh. (it's ok. i still love my cat.)

anyway, you can imagine my delight when i stumbled across this gorgeous little white “alison” dress from sublet – an eco-friendly clothing company – via sprig, a web site devoted to everything gorgeous and green. the dress incorporates all of my favorite things: an empire waist with contrast detail, stunning pleating and pockets. it’s fully lined (yay) and made of organic cotton and bamboo (double yay). i covet this dress, you guys, even if it’s not appropriate for work. and on top of it all, if i owned it, i could scoop oscar up in my arms and not have to worry about clouds of cat hair puffing off him and onto my ensemble.

at only $150, it’s a steal, too.

oh! and be sure to check out sprig’s slide show of their picks for summer’s best little white dresses – their fifth pick comes from sarasota-based juno & jove!

(lwd from sublet via sprig; image of oscar by moi.)


  1. it might not technically be work appropriate but you could totally make it with a cute pink or teal camisole? i say go for it!

  2. but she's a seriously cute kitty! Clearly, she wants to show everyone how much she adores you by getting hair on you.

  3. tiff: yay, thanks for your comment! and yeah, i think a cute camisole would be fun with it...unfortunately, i am a little cash poor right now and don't have 150 bones lying around, but maybe it'll get marked down some more?! a girl can dream.

    amy: aww, that's such a sweet thought. i do love my kitty very much. :)