Monday, July 21, 2008

more { project runway } chatter!

oh, project runway, how i love you. whether i'm ooh-ing or cringing over the stuff that your contestants send down the runway, laughing at the stuff that comes out of michael kors' ("slutty, slutty, slutty!") or tim gunn's ("holla at your boy!") mouths, relishing the drama in the workroom or looking wistfully at the new york city streetscapes, you never fail to amaze and delight me. i am so glad you're back

while it's too early for me to pick my favorites (even though i am disappointed jerry went home last week instead of stella), there are several designers whose progress i'm eager to track. this season, in particular, there seems to be at least one guy hoping to follow in christian siriano's footsteps, at least in the catch-phrasey sense (blayne with "girlicious"), and plethora of sweet-looking dark-haired girls (leanne, kenley, emily, jennifer).

from the latter group, i would say that leanne is probably at the front of my radar, especially since i just discovered, via a blog comment, that she has an etsy shop, aptly named "leanimal." her creations are sweet and feminine; in fact, i may stash a little cash and purchase that "holy bajeezus" dress sometime in the near future. here are a couple shots of her confections.

and in regards to the boys and the rest of the girls, i'm excited to see what wesley (loved his yellow one-shoulder dress) and daniel (of the blue plastic cups) have to offer. korto, too; her yellow kimono-sleeved dress was gorge (i'm having a yellow moment right now).

ok, that's it for me on project runway for now, at least until thursday. if you want to read more about this season, click here; to check out leanne's etsy shop, click here.

p.s. i did a wee bit o' frugal shopping this weekend and picked up the items below: a cropped pink ruffle cardigan from the gap for $10; a berry-colored t-shirt from target for $5; hee-yuge sunglasses from aldo (against the advice of my friend k.; whatevs, i like them even if they make me look a touch bug-eyed) for $12; clinique almost lipstick in black honey for $14; and a real simple "to do/to buy" fridge pad for $6 (i love crossing things off my lists). lots of little things that i'll really use for not a lot of money. i'm happy.

p.p.s i made potato gnocchi with a brown butter and sage sauce for dinner last night, and it was delicious. i'll post the recipe and a few photos sometime later this week, since it's been awhile since we've had a foodie post!

(photos above: "holy bajeezus" dress, "gezane" dress and "bernadine" dress all via leanimal.)


  1. Oh I love the gap sweater!
    Wonderful if it is online? Hmm...

    Love your blog by the way!

  2. thanks so much, alicia! :)

    i just clicked on the link to your shop -- i love all the items you have listed!