Thursday, July 17, 2008

a merry mix of things.

a random sampling of the thoughts that are swirling through my head and the stuff that’s crossing my path right now.

+ one of my very best friends is getting married, and i am thrilled to be her maid of honor. a big, love-filled congratulations to mel and joe, one of the happiest couples i know. expect to see a sprinkle of wedding-planning posts ‘round these parts from now until the big day next fall.

+ i’m pleased to report that i read an entire book (then we came to the end) while on vacation, and i’m three-quarters of the way through another (all we ever wanted was everything). i’ve also taken to doing new york magazine’s back-of-the-book crossword puzzles. this is going to sound weird, but since i basically get paid to read all day, more often than not i absolutely don’t want to do it when i get home. it’s kind of refreshing to rediscover the pleasure of reading novels for fun.

+ after reading sfgirlbybay yesterday, i am desperately wanting a pouf of my very own. preferably in aqua, thank you.

+ this “lowercase” scarf from little factory makes me swoon. WANT. i will have that in my possession when it’s restocked in september – i just can’t decide whether i like the white (so striking against black and gray) or black version better. i think that since i gave the white its own parenthetical, i’ll probably go for that one. love. need.

+ an iced grande nonfat white chocolate mocha from starbucks rocks my socks on rainy afternoons. it’s the perfect pick-me-up. it’s also 310 calories (kind of a lot), but it fills me up and gives me the boost i need to get through the rest of the workday and the preparation of dinner.

+ and finally, let’s talk last night’s project runway. what did you all think of the new crop of designers? grace blogged about the designers' new abode on wednesday – thoughts on that? oh, and a quick note: i’m probably going to be posting a lot of pr entries on thursdays now, seeing as it’s one of my favorite shows. i’m so happy it’s back and that we don’t have to wait until winter for new episodes.

(photos: self-portrait of mel and joe via color me crafty; pouf via sfgirlbybay; scarf via little factory; project runway apartment photo via design*sponge.)

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