Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a thousand julys i hope you'll find.

just a quick, happy, summer-themed list of things i’m loving right now (interspersed with great images from the sartorialist.)

+ eggplant fries from a little sarasota restaurant called the bungalow. di-vine with their yummy dipping sauce.
+ these lamps (via at:la).
+ my newly rediscovered miseducation of lauryn hill cd...takes me back to the days of yore!
+ my air-conditoned apartment.
+ my cat, oscar. always.
+ my reality-tv trinity: project runway, ashley paige: bikini or bust, what not to wear. (coming in fourth: jon & kate plus 8. tlc: you rock my socks. bravo: you, too.)

+ avocado sushi rolls and seaweed salad.
+ my upcoming birthday (august 7!).
+ yellow and bright pink. and purple, too.

+ modern, clean-lined furniture with bohemian-chic accessories.
+ florida rain. heavy and every afternoon at about 4 p.m.
+ summer movies – sex and the city, mamma mia, the dark night (going to one – if not both – of the last two this weekend).
+ edy's new creamsicle-y ice cream: orange sherbert with vanilla ice cream.
+ easy-peasy, throw-'em-on-and-go dresses (preferably with gladiator sandals).

+ beach colors in my home.
+ my short hair (and, with that, dove's go fresh energizing shampoo. i ran out of my beloved bumble and bumble simply seaweed stuff and needed something quick, so picked this up. it's citrusy and lovely and it really does pick me up in the morning.)
+ shiny lip gloss.

(all images via the sartorialist.)


  1. Yes Yes Yes!!! Love Lauryn Hill, and easy peasy dresses, gladiator sandals, ice cream cones, and most definitely all these Sart pix.

  2. you would look so cute baking your cupcakes in one of these:

    I kind of want to get you one ;)

  3. oh, mel, i love those aprons! i would be the cupcake queen in one of them! :)