Thursday, July 31, 2008

and speaking of fashion...

what did you all think of kenley’s win on last night’s project runway? was her dress inspired or kind of crazy?

my take: i think it’s really cool. the judges were right: there’s an ‘80s ungaro-meets-lacroix (or balenciaga spring/summer ’08, as daniel vosovic wrote in his blog) aesthetic to it, but, as nina garcia said, all the elements somehow come together. i like it. don’t get me wrong: not everyone can wear this; in fact, most can’t. but i like the colors, i like the fact that she took a risk, and i especially like those green shoes the model is wearing. in fact, i like kenley.

other looks i thought were pretty great: leanne’s (yay!) and daniel’s. i think daniel might go far; so far i’ve liked everything he’s sent down the runway.

who was your favorite last night? what do you think of this season’s crop of designers so far? (frankly, i am already sick of suede talking in the third person and blayne adding “licious” [ugh!] to everything he says – but still, i can’t turn away!)

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