Friday, May 2, 2008

the weekend.

the past week and a half has been one of the longest of my life, and i am so, so happy it’s the weekend. i’m still not feeling 100 percent myself – i don’t think that will happen for a little while, yet – but i’m trying to keep a positive attitude, and the distractions of work and friends and having oscar back and incredibly active (he was at the vet while i was gone and it was sad spending sunday night by myself) are all good ones. and i’m going to try to write something about/for my grandfather – my own eulogy to him – in the near future. i think it’s just too soon, right now.

in the meantime, let’s talk about the weekend. i love lists (a quality i like to think that i inherited from grandpa jack, who always had a “do list” – even at the very end of his life), so here’s a list of my planned weekend activities:

+ both days: sleep in. make yummy coffee (i just got a new glass jar with which to store my coffee, a la my aunt linn – stay tuned for a tour of her fantastic home later this summer! – and i’m quite excited to actually use it. it’s the little things…). make yummy breakfast, too.

+ walk to farmer’s market and pick up some fresh, local produce.

+ give apartment a good clean. not only will it be distracting, but it will also help me function more like a human being.

+ make a batch of heidi swanson’s plump pea dumplings. i have more wonton wrappers than i know what to do with; i’m going to be eating these things for weeks, i think. at least they freeze well.

+ work on recreating some lovely prints i saw in this month’s domino. if they actually turn out, i’ll post pictures.

+ possibly blow up a beautiful photo of my grandparents when they were in their 20s and frame it. i’m not ready to share it yet, but i’ll scan a copy sometime soon. seriously, it’s so sweet.

+ go out with my girlfriends on saturday night. fun is good.

+ work on getting to bed at a decent hour on sunday night. i’ve been running about 15-20 minutes late to work every day for the last few months, and it’s got to stop. no one cares, really, but i do. plus, it would be nice to have a decent cup of coffee and breakfast at home in the morning, instead of at work. will keep you posted.

i have some ideas churning around in my head for next week already, so stay tuned. until t hen, have fantastic weekends – what are your plans?

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