Thursday, May 22, 2008

stuff + things.

as i mentioned on tuesday, the scratch lounge has arrived! here are two photos of oscar, totally loving it. (oh, how i wish that second photo were in focus.) the catnip – which came with – that i sprinkled inside added to the love. and yes, his little tummy area is very red in the second pic; that’s where his, um, skin irritation is concentrated and it’s not as angry-looking in real life, i promise.

i bought this nail polish – maybelline’s “cutie pink” – on the way home from work yesterday, and having it on my fingers makes me feel very bright and shiny, something i certainly approve of. please excuse the sloppy paint job.

on another beauty-related note, yesterday i got my hair trimmed again and i am loving it (sorry the photo is so dark; i don't know what happened there). for those of you that don’t know, until march of this year i had really long hair that i’d grown out since my last major cut in the summer of 2006. unfortunately, sometime around mid-january i pretty much stopped taking care of it. blow-drying became too much of a hassle, as did getting the bangs trimmed (or trimming them myself, which: yikes). so i started pinning the bangs back with a headband and slicking the rest into a high bun. at first, this worked for me – but when my lovely friends started asking me if that, um, “hairstyle” was my new “look,” i knew it was time for a change. that’s when i went to kelly at sarasota’s brandon turner salon, who lopped a good six inches (if not more) off my hair and gave me a sleek, slightly angled katie holmes-like bob. i loved the cut so much that i’m now making room in my budget for regular trims, something that i have never, ever done before this point. on top of all this, brandon turner salon stocks my favorite bumble and bumble products, so it’s like one-stop shopping for me. and kelly is fabulous. if you’re in the sarasota area, i highly recommend her. (ps: if you’re looking for a good beauty post, read this one by anna at door sixteen. i’m going to pick up some of that glisten shampoo next time i’m in a bath & body works or ulta store.)

brendan james' “green” is currently on repeat in itunes, as is missy higgins' “where i stood” and the song from the new old navy commercial. "green" is making me want to go to ireland like you wouldn't believe. i've been thinking a lot about my future plans lately, and i think perhaps a trip to the“auld” country would be perfect next summer. but we'll see.

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