Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tuesday = monday.

(it happens every so often -- a burning desire to pack up and move far, far away. sometimes i think sarasota is still too close to home for me. usually it's new york that calls my name; this time, it's san francisco. i've never even been there -- i just have this feeling i would love it. and it's not that i want to move away from my family and friends or even my job, all of which i love. it's just that the adventurer in me wants to strike out on my own and see the world.)

whew. i wasn't going to write that at first, but i feel better getting it out. and this blog is all about sharing, right? right. (by the way, the gorgeous, perfect photo of san francisco above was taken by victoria, who writes one of my favorite blogs, sfgirlbybay. i wish mine could be more like hers, actually; srqgirlbybeach, perhaps? haha.)

anyway, on to tuesday stuff. you guys, i hope your three-day weekends (if you had them) were as wonderful as mine, which was filled with sleeping in, movies on tv and tons of time with friends. i spent a lot of time on siesta key this weekend, hitting the siesta key oyster bar (skob, as it's known here) for drinks with my girlfriends on both friday and monday. and saturday night, to celebrate the lovely k.'s twenty-fifth birthday, she and her husband d. and i met up on st. armands circle and danced the night away at a tiny nightclub above a circle staple, 15 south ristorante. an 80s cover band called super genius performed and they were excellent; we had a really fantastic time. sunday was spent sleeping, shopping, cuddling with oscar (who was being especially adorable this weekend), and generally relaxing, which was a-ok with me. (photo above: my sunday-afternoon windowsill. below: osc. obv.)

i don't really have an overarching theme or something special to share for today's post other than the weekend recap; i wish i'd taken more pictures while were out on the key but, sadly, i didn't. i'm trying out a new recipe tonight, though, so if it turns out well i'll post pictures and a review tomorrow, since it's been awhile since we've had one of those. until then, have a happy, happy tuesday and i'll see you back here tomorrow!

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