Friday, May 30, 2008

sex and the city – and the search.

ok, i’m not going to lie. i am a big fan of sex and the city. when the series started airing, back in 1998 (i was…oh my god, i was 15 then), my mom would watch it on hbo on sunday nights and i would occasionally sit in our den with her, marveling at carrie and co. trotting around manhattan in their skyscraper-high stilettos. after graduating high school and heading off to college, i didn’t pay much attention to the series, but when the (heavily) (edited) reruns started airing on tbs, i made it my goal to watch the whole thing, start to finish, and i loved it. (this phenomenon is a common one, i think; the sex and the city brand – and it is one – has enjoyed huge success due to the reruns, since of course not everyone has hbo.) i loved it even more after watching the unedited versions via netflix.

thanks to the mega-hype surrounding the movie, i’ve been thinking a lot about the movie and the characters this week. like a million and one other girls out there, i relate the most to sarah jessica parker’s character, carrie. and ironically, a rolling stone article on the girls of the hills best clarified why: it’s because carrie’s a searcher – “for true love, the perfect job and friends that never let her down,” wrote jason gay, the writer who did the hills feature. i think that a lot of us are searchers. i know i am.

and that’s why i’m happy to indulge my wannabe-carrie bradshaw self in the cotton-candy colored sex and the city movie. times are hard, you guys. the world isn’t cotton-candy colored; in fact, i feel kind of lucky to have a job right now. but for two hours and 25 minutes this weekend, i’m going to let that reality (work, money, gas prices, rent, car payment) slip away and concentrate, via miranda, samantha, charlotte and carrie and her manolos, on my love of the search. (photos of sarah jessica parker and chris noth from vogue magazine via milk.)


  1. i wish i was going with you to see the movie this weekend!!! i have no one to go with :(