Wednesday, May 21, 2008

shop tour: home resource.

i thought today i'd introduce a new feature here on { PMiTG }: home and shop tours. what inspired the creation of this feature, you ask? well, last night i was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of sarasota playwright jenny beres' one-act play "misery loves children" at home resource, a very cool furniture store in the very cool rosemary district. beres' play was great; i can't wait to see where she is in a couple of years. and home resource, which i've read about but never actually been to, is a mecca for great modern pieces – including beautiful bertoia chairs and other knoll furniture. attending a play at the store – which is modern and clean-lined without feeling cold, a trait that i think is so important – felt very new york city-ish, and i want to do it again soon. so without further ado, here's a "sneak peek" into a store that i'll hopefully be able to purchase that coveted bertoia chair from some day. i hope you enjoy!

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