Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my attempt at art.

i have a bit of a thing for birds – at least, in regards to home goods. i love owls and have been coveting this lamp from urban outfitters for a few weeks now, and when i saw the post that holly at decor8 did on her new owl umbrella holder, i immediately tried to figure out whether a similar piece was within my budget. alas, it wasn’t – maybe for my birthday, though.

anyway, after my beloved blueprint shuttered its windows, i decided to subscribe to domino, and i’ve been pretty happy with it so far. i loved last month’s cover feature on drew barrymore, and the front-of-the-book departments are generally really interesting. as someone who’s become increasingly interested in home décor, it’s certainly fun to flip through.

full disclosure, though: i had a mixed reaction when i saw the cover of the may issue. it went something like this: “oh, julianne moore! i love her – she has really pale skin like me! wait, why is she laughing like that? and why did they put her in a vest that makes her look like she works at wal-mart? hm, i like those bright yellow curtains. ooh, i really like those bird prints. wow, they’re $400. i could probably make those myself!” and so it went. (you can see the prints in the background of this cover shot.)

so the other night, as i mentioned, i sat down on the floor with a pencil and some paper and began sketching. not only was it therapeutic in light of all of the events that have recently taken place, it was really fun. and i realized that i could make my own art – complete with cheapie frames that i priced at michael’s (going to pick them up this weekend) – for about 40 times less than what i would pay for the actual prints. i don’t claim to be an artist of any kind, as you’ll see from these sketches, but now i have my own, hand-drawn bird series to hang in my apartment. all i have to do now is figure out where to put them! (i’ll post a photo of them in their frames on monday.)

what was your last diy project?

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