Friday, May 16, 2008

the weekend + some links.

yay, friday! i’m so excited it’s the weekend – this has been one of those weeks where i haven’t been able to force myself into bed before midnight, and so it’s all finally caught up with me.

still, it looks like it should be a good and active weekend: i have plans to meet up with my friends; i’m booking my flight for my summer vacation tomorrow (eee! so excited); and i’m going to work on some little domestic projects on sunday. and is it sad that i’m especially excited about breakfast tomorrow? while at whole foods last night, i picked up a big bag of quinoa and am planning on making this little number tomorrow morning. it sounds – and looks – delicious. i am a total sucker for anything cinnamon-y.

anyway, i thought i’d leave you with some (admittedly eclectic) links today:

+ first, something local: white on state in downtown sarasota promises to be super-fun. everyone dresses in white and there’s food, fashion and other fun stuff. go! imbibe!

+ another something local: the ringling museum has a new modern and contemporary art exhibit that i’m going to go try and check out sometime soon (artists include syd solomon and the recently deceased, much-missed robert rauschenberg). visiting the ringling campus is well worth the $15 ticket, but if you go on mondays, admission to the museum of art is free.

+ grace has posted the finalists in the 2008 design*sponge scholarship – go check out all the inspiring student design. i am particularly smitten with the usb bird light; so cute and functional.

+ pia has some pretty incredible (water-themed) posts on her blog this week. click here to check them out. (the image above was taken by her.)

+ sfgirlbybay had a great post on a san francisco-area shop yesterday and is fueling my need (again – yes, need) to visit that city.

and that’s all for now. see you monday – have wonderful weekends. xx.


  1. How long is the modern art exhibit going to be at the museum? I totally would LOVE to see it!

  2. through oct. 26 -- so we have plenty of time! :) xox