Thursday, May 29, 2008

loving: pretty green dress from bird.

i’m in a weird mood today – i was really happy this morning, and then i got really irritated with a bunch of people around me and felt murderous, and now, as i type this, i’m feeling sort of mellow (in my defense, i think i’m hormonal – sorry if that’s tmi!) – so i thought today i’d do a “loving” post today that features something really pretty and happy-making.

this dress, from bird, is just that. i found it on joanna goddard ’s blog the other day and i’ve been lusting after it ever since. the color is divine (i’m having a total green moment right now), the back detailing is to die for and the shape, as joanna notes, is one that would be flattering on practically everyone. want. need. love. buy it at bird, here.

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