Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sparkle, shine, create.

i meant to write a longer post, but today was incredibly busy and i can't wait until it's time to go to crawl into bed and get a good eight hours' worth of sleep. tomorrow i'll have something a little more in-depth, but for today i wanted to post this picture that i discovered over at the lovely blog poppytalk. this craft cabinet is one of those "why didn't i think of that myself?" things that i love, and though i have no craft cabinet to speak of, i think i'm going to be stealing scrabble pieces from my parents' house this weekend to recreate this on my bathroom mirror. seriously, perfection.


  1. I LOVE that! I don't think I would ever have that many different kinds of glitter and stuff though!

  2. OOoooH and I just thought of something. If you really can find a bunch of old scrabble pieces, you should by a roll of that self adhesive magnet stuff and cut if up and put it on the backs of the pieces and then you can put them on your fridge and have a little scrabble game on your fridge instead of magnetic poetry!