Monday, August 26, 2013

Pop of pink.

Thanks to my recent birthday, I acquired a stash of gift cards—one of them to Sephora (which, happily, recently opened a mini-store in one of our malls, meaning I don't have to trek to Tampa or pay shipping fees these days). I'd been wanting a hot pink lipstick for awhile, and I'd been vacillating between NARS' Schiap and Funny Face, so last week, after a post-work appointment, I stopped by Sephora to test out the colors. I ended up going with Funny Face, but Schiap was really nice, too, and I kind of wish I'd bought it. So needless to say, there might be two bright-pink lipsticks in my life very soon—a nice change from my usual red.

Do you wear lipstick every day? I find that when I do, it brightens up both my pale, pale, pale face and my spirit—but sometimes I'm just too lazy to put it on!

Photo: My own. 


  1. I have to say I do wear lipstick every makes me feel better :) that color looks amazing. I will have to pop into Sephora and check it out

    -alecia with

  2. I need someone to teach me how to wear lipstick ... I'm self-conciously aware of the shape of my lips when I have it on... which makes me feel a bit like a clown. I totally love this colour though - you need to post some pics of how it looks on!